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A Horse for Annie Mae
by Laura Wolfe



Annie Mae dreamed of horses all night and all day.
"I want a horse to ride and feed hay!
Susie has a horse with a soft velvet nose.
She flies over jumps and wins ribbons at shows."
Annie Mae begged 'til she was blue in the face.
"I love horses so much!" she cried making her case.
Her mother suggested, "Here's something to try . . ."
Annie Mae listened with a gleam in her eye.
"Old Farmer Brown, he lives down the lane.
Help feed his horses their hay and their grain."
At the crack of dawn she arrived at the farm.
She pushed a wheelbarrow, a bucket on one arm.
She brushed all the horses and braided their tails.
She gave them some carrots and grain in their pails.
Next came the watering, mending fences, and more.
She mucked out the stalls until her back was quite sore.
At last, the stable was clean and new hay was spread.
The horses were brought in from the pasture for bed.
Annie Mae thought, "Taking care of horses is hard."
She trudged home from the barn and into her yard.
"How were the horses?" her mother asked her that night.
She kissed Annie Mae's head and then hugged her tight.
"It was fun for one day," Annie Mae sighed with a smile.
"But I'll just ride Susie's horse once in a while."




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