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Contributor Guidelines

Imagination-Café general editorial guidelines:

Non-Paying Markets:

Editorial material to be considered for publication should be sent via email to: submissions@imagination-cafe.com. Please include a cover letter, and cut and paste your manuscript into the body of the email.

General guidelines:

Imagination Café does not have an editorial calendar.

Manuscripts are preferred over queries.



  • Cool Careers
    First-hand interviews with individuals in a variety of careers. Check the website first to be sure you’re submitting new material. Please follow the format of pieces previously published, as the interviews also include sidebars such as salary ranges.
  • Before They Were Famous
    Brief summaries of what well-known people did for a living, prior to their rise to fame or power. Again, please follow the format of previously published items in this area. Each should include interesting trivia about the individual featured. (Did you know Rod Stewart was a professional soccer player and a grave digger?)

Weekly Special

Non-fiction features on sports, science, history, and health. Subjects should be kid-relevant: snappy writing, subheads, and sidebars are pluses.

Embarrassing Moments

  • Celebrity Screw Ups
    Humorous briefs about celebs’ most embarrassing moments. Keep it clean!


When it comes to kids and tweens, quizzes are like catnip. Multiple choice with four or five answers, or True/False format only, please. Hint: Those eliciting a few laughs will get the most consideration.

Extra Help-ings

  • School Strategies
    Manuscripts on test taking, goal setting, studying, and more. Want your piece to stand out in this slush pile? Then show, don’t tell.

Doggy Bag

  • Creature Feature
    Non-fiction articles and trivia about animals, both the unusual and adorable. Also featuring tips on keeping pets of all kinds.

What’s Cooking

Recipes. Simple, fun, delicious—and spanning all food groups and meal times. (Plus snacks and desserts!)

Game Room

Imagination-Café welcomes original puzzle, maze, and “mad lib” submissions.

Short stories/fiction

No more than 1000 words and no preaching to kids, please. Keep in mind that a short story should have all the usual parts – intro, plot, character development and turning point. Avoid the “adult saves the day” trap. Kid protagonists only, please!  


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